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Yahoo! Mobile Website Yahoo Go Phone selection page

Yahoo! Mobile:

This table-less XHTML/CSS site incorporates javascript and PHP with Maple and Rosetta server-side, This site is localized currently for 5 European sites, and will soon be localized throughout Asia and North America. Other sites include:

The site designers includes 4 different navigational styles which I coded using sprites and hybrid of the suckerfish drop down menu. The site includes numerous PNG’s, and an IE6 work around for the PNG-background link issue. The site design requires heavy image loads which I coded as CSS background images and header/link icon image replacements.

The DHTML on the site includes a javascript country selector in the SMS module.

The site conforms to modern web standards, is optimized for search engines and is section 508 compliant.

The site's sections have different layouts. The image to the left is an image map. Click on a section to be redirected to pages with similar design. (2005-2007)

Yahoo! Mobile Marketing Sites

CSS tabless mini-sites. Technologies include CSS, XHTML and PHP.  Responsible for server configuration and building installation packages in UNIX.  Header and footer are ad-served. (2005-2007)

Other microsites include:


Scott Kleeb

Scott Kleeb for Congress (2006)

Converted static, tabled site to dynamic PHP tableless site with database integration. Brought the web site up to modern web standards, improved Search Engine Optimization

Dynamic components include:

PHP/MySQL Calendar: Administrators could add, edit and delete events thru a content management system.

Diary: Administrators could add, edit, delete, activate and de-activate blog entries thru a custom PHP/MySQL content management system.

Photogallery: Administrators could add, edit, delete, activate and de-activate galleries thru a custom PHP/MySQL content management system including uploading images.

Contact database: Users could add their contact information, and administrators could download users by various categories. Users could enter the dB via email sign up, donations, volunteer request and newsletter sign ups.

Authorize.net Integration/Shopping Cart: Set up donation forms so user information is captured and donations are automatically validated thru Authorize and returned to website for further options. Includes JavaScript, encryption, PHP, MySQL, and, of course, CSS and XHTML.

Trained campaign staff to update site both via the content management systems and with Adobe Contribute. The original design is not my own. The example is on a different server, as this site is no longer active.

AT&T Yahoo! High Speed Internet

Yahoo! AT&T for Broadband

Marketing website for Yahoo! AT&T for Broadband. Technologies include CSS, XHTML, PHP, JavaScript.  PHP and DHTML used for availability checker. PHP used to alter content and appearance based on user parameters.

Developed 2 code snippets for Yahoo! used by other developers in developing this site: search engine referrer sniffer and PHP beacon implementation.

Footer legal text and main module are adserved, allowing  marketeers to update content on their own.  (2005 - 2007)

Verizon Yahoo! for DSL

Similar to the above, but a javaScript instead of PHP availability checker. XHTML, PHP, CSS and Javascript.  Search engine optimization, PHP referrer tracking.

AT&T Verizon for DSL



Designed and developed table-less website with CSS, Javascript, XHTML and PHP.  Integration of web forms with CGIeMail, PHP coding and SalesForce.  Typical suckerfish menu. Optimized for search engine marketing. (2005-2008)

Trained Agiliance staff to maintain their own website.  

Note: To ensure that updates to the site by non-technical staff did not break the design of the home page, the home page was converted to tabled layout and site was changed to transitional XHTML.

The Mind Rules:

This XHTML/CSS hybrid-tabled site incorporates a third party shopping cart, a customized PHP calendar, shareware Python mailing list, video and audio (not 508 compliant). (2004-2006)

The Mind Rules

Note: actual site no longer live. Portfolio site is not complete)



Muzzy Learn and Play

Coded with CSS and JavaScript and ASP.  Includes a log-in function, password retrieval function (sends email to user) and adminsitrative backend for adding new memberships.  Members are provided with a display of all the learning modules they have purchased.  Based on a Microsoft Access backend database. This CSS/Table hybrid includes absolutely positioned transparent PNG's. Designed with CreateCR

Stratton Gardens

Stratton Garden Homes:

Coded with XHTML, CSS and Javascript, with images optimized to load quickly.  Interesting DHTML effects include navigation bar and falling snowflakes on a timeline. Some flash elements.  Designed by CreateCR.  Winner of the Big W Award.  Currently offline.


Fundamental Capital

Fundamental Capital:

Coded with XHTML, CSS and JavaScript, with DHTML home page and Flash elements incorporated into most pages. This attractive site feature drop down menus, matching scroll bars, attractive forms and a dynamic home page coded in DHTML. Designed with CreateCR

Lynn Sien Designs

Lynn Sien Designs:

Design and coding of e-Commerce website incorporating third party shopping cart, Flash intro highlighting bestsellers. Coded in HTML and CSS with Flash and JavaScript effects. The elegant site, selling unique pearl and jade necklaces, is reflective of it"s target market. Using a third party shopping cart, I designed, coded, maintain and provide marketing for this start up jewelry company.



Cyclone Microsystems:

Codes in XHTML, this site features DHTML drop down menus, #1 search engine placement for over 50% of products presented and high resolution magnification of products that use up minimal bandwidth.

The site was relaunched as a CSS table-less PHP-based website in May of 2004, and redesigned a few times since then, so this image may be outdated.... ok, it is outdated!

Words and Ideas Now

Words and Ideas Now:

This business portfolio site is coded with XHTML, CSS, Javascript and Flash and is 508 (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant. Each page is incredibly quick to download, using CSS instead of images to create the layout, look and effects (there are only 5 images on each page). Each section has an imaginative Flash intro that is short enogh for even those with the worst attention spans. The home page incorporates both flash and DHTML components. This was the last of my tabled sites.


Congregation B'Nai Isreal Website

Congregation B'nai Yisrael

Non-profit - Religious organization website. Accessible website was developed using photoshop for the images. Site was handcoded incorporating Cascading Style Sheet and downloadable PDF forms. Designed by CreateCR

Crystal Bay Foods

Crystal Bay Foods:

E-commerce site - An e-commerce site for a meat, poultry and seafood distributor incorporating a shopping cart.  SEO optimization for this site helped lead it to the first page of google within two weeks of site launch. Navigation is dynamically generated for easy updating, and the visitor can reach any page of the site from every page. Site is no longer active.


Site No Longer L

A d e m a r   D a p a z:

Personal Business Site - developed using Photoshop and JavaScript, this small (4 page) site is elegant and simple.  This site is no longer live, but the link above is to a portfolio of the site I coded.
Designed by CreateCR

Children's Skin Disease Foundation

Children's Skin Disease Foundation

Non-profit site using table-less, American's with Disabilities Act compliant coding.  Site is completely printable, PDA friendly and includes a bookmark icon of the logo. (2002-2005)

Additional Sites (click on image to open live site in new window)

A P I A H F Asian and Pacific Islander American Health Forum: Non-Profit - www.apiahf.org A usable and accessible website, incorporating a site based search engine. Cascading Style sheets help ensure that this site is ADA compliant, quick to download, and easy for the client to update.
Personal Chef Jen Personal Chef Jen: Catering Business - no longer live
Small business website that is 508 compliant and uses cascading style sheets. This site is quick to load, incorporates a Flash navigation bar with redundant navigation at the bottom to ensure maximum accessibility. Design and coded with a one week turn around! The site is completely designed using CSS, so the client can update easily without knowing extensive HTML. This was one of my first sites (2002)
Andrea Stuart Handbags and Hats Andrea Stuart: B-2-B site
This wholesale business to business distribution site includes a password protected area. Designed by CreateCR (2004-2006)
Independent Women's Business Alliance Evolution Technologies: www.evotech.net - This site incorporates Cascading Style Sheets to ensure uniformity among the pages. With only one graphic for the entire site, pages are quick to download.

Webmaster for these additional sites:

Facebook Applications

iPhone Web Applications (to be viewed on iPhone only at this point)

  • Pickleview (2007) - Second Place, Best App at iPhoneDevCamp 2007
  • TattleTalz (2008) - Winner, Best Game at iPhoneDevCamp 2008




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