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ASP, ColdFusion and PHP samples (also see DHTML)
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ColdFusion & SQL 7

Olivia: A ColdFusion database driven website. The trip sections and navigation is dynamically generated from calls to SQL 7 database.  Form submission add information to database and generates confirmation email to company and visitor.   Designed and originally coded by Boise Media.

I have integrated a bulletin board and address verification software, but neither is live yet.

ASP and Microsoft Access

Muzzy Learn and Play: Coded with CSS and JavaScript and ASP.  Includes a log-in function, password retrieval function (sends email to user) and adminsitrative backend for adding new memberships.  Members are provided with a display of all the learning modules they have purchased.  Based on a Microsoft Access backend database.  Designed with CreateCR



Cyclone's new website: inclusion for easy site maintenance and membership management (hand coded). Still under construction.

SFGrrlz: membership management (hand coded), bulleting board and calendar (shareware)

California Pan-Ethnic Health Network



Track-a-Beast - Coded front end and integrated javabeans or struts.  Staff wrote the JSP code and database integration.

KodakGallery - part of web development team.  Helped resolve quirks by editting presentaion layer Java.



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