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Because rollover images are boring to code, and Flash isn't much of a challenge (not to mention, you would need a plugin)!


Featured Sites:  
Stratton Gardens

Stratton Garden Homes: Falling snowflakes using a timeline.  Effect: on splash page snowflakes appear to be falling as houses, which are links to descriptions) appear at intervals.  Coded partially by hand and with the assistance of Dreamweaver 3.

The navigation bar on the inside uses CSS background rather than images for the effect.

Fundamental Capital: Coded with XHTML, CSS and JavaScript, with DHTML home page and Flash elements incorporated into most pages. This attractive site feature drop down menus, matching scroll bars, attractive forms and a dynamic home page coded in DHTML.

The home page effect of the rollover cogs with plain text (not images) uses is created by changeing the background images of table cells, and change the foreground from image to text.

The DHTML drop down menu is based on script created by third party software.  The rest of the site was created with Adobe Photoshop, minimal flash, and hand coding.

Fundamental Capital
Words and Ideas Now Words and Ideas Now: This business portfolio site is coded with XHTML, CSS, Javascript and Flash.  Each page is incredibly quick to download, using CSS instead of images to create the layout, look and effects (there are only 5 images on each page - the left arrow, right arrow, logo, grey fade and main image).  Each section has an imaginative Flash intro that is short enogh for even those with the worst attention spans. The home page incorporates both flash and DHTML components.
SFGrrlz: unordered list drop down pop up menu. Simple. Accessible.  Maintainable. SFGrrlz


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